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Getting started with iCrumz Home page and browser tabs Your account – iCrumz accounts are free Bookmark management Tools menu Changes menu Logout menu Search field Troubleshooting

Getting started with iCrumzTop

Home page and browser tabsTop

To get the most out of iCrumz, set your home page to and configure your browser to go to when you open a new tab. This gives you the most convenient access to your iCrumz bookmarks.Top

Your account – iCrumz accounts are freeTop

Bookmark managementTop

Creating, editing and rearranging bookmarks, folders and subfolders, etc.Top

Tools menuTop

Various tools and settings for your iCrumz bookmarks page.

This feature is coming soon. It will list all the bookmarks you’ve added and deleted. You will also be able to permanently remove items from this list.Top

Logout menuTop

Double duh!

Search fieldTop

Enter something you want to search for in the Search field and hit the Enter/Return key on your keyboard or click on the magnifying glass icon to conduct a Google search. This will return the same search results as if you had conducted your search at Top


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